We assist Australia and neighbouring nations in meeting their sustainable development goals, in particular for affordable, clean energy and climate action, create local jobs, reduce the cost of energy, and support the reduction of emissions to meet set emissions reduction targets.

About The Founder

About Acacia Sustainability

Daniel Zelcer is the founder of Acacia Sustainability and director of the company, specialising in project development, analysis, and strategic direction. His experience includes environmental policy research, advisory services, modelling, strategic development and project development across the energy sector.

With previous employment at Origin Energy, Energiya Global, and RepuTex, he has worked with stakeholders across the entire energy sector including with global renewable energy developers, politicians, and policy makers from all levels of Government (Federal, State & Local), business leaders, NGO’s and non-for-profits, and large energy retailers and utilities.

Daniel holds a Masters in Energy Systems from the University of Melbourne as well as a Bachelor of Business (Management & Psychology) from Swinburne University.