Commercial Solar


We’ve made choosing a commercial solar system for your organisation easy by providing free expert analysis and access to the best solar suppliers in the industry through our quote and commercial solar auction services.

Free Assessment

All we need is a recent electricity bill and 12 months historical energy data and we will use the “Energy & Storage Tool” – E.A.S.T., to run a free site analysis.

Commercial Solar Auction

Using satellite imagery for advanced accuracy, we determine the maximum area available for your site(s).

The sites interval data and energy charges are input into E.A.S.T to be used as a baseline for the analysis.

Location specific solar radiation data is analysed to produce a generation curve taking into account of panel specifications.

An energy storage analysis is then run to determine the economic feasibility of installing energy storage at the site.

Get Quotes

Then we go to market and get you a selection of quotes.

After determining your preferred system size from the free assessment, we invite our registered suppliers to submit quotes. We evaluate all quotes received with our best-practice evaluation tools and recommend suppliers for shortlisting.

The best suppliers in the industry, rigorously vetted by us, submitting quotes for your system. We will present a detailed evaluation of the quotes so you can clearly understand who is offering the best solution.

Before proceeding to auction we coordinate the checks and approvals you need to ensure your project goes ahead:

Structural Roof Assessment

Electrical Assessment

Local government approval

Grid connection application

Commercial Solar Auction

Registered suppliers compete for your project in a reverse commercial solar auction, ensuring high caliber installers and the best value for money.


We will host shortlisted suppliers at your site for inspection. Run auction qualification to score suppliers on all the important details in their solution. Run a live weighted reverse auction to determine the winning supplier.

There are a range of finance options to choose from including contracting as an outright purchase, power purchase agreement (PPA), finance or lease.

The best solar retailers from across Australia will be competing to win your project. Your needs have been considered when developing the commercial solar auction to ensure you get the best value system, balancing quality and price.

Contact Us today to get your free assessment, arrange quotes or a solar auction.