Get your free solar analysis today using the “Energy & Storage Tool” – E.A.S.T. Our expert energy consultants will run the free solar analysis and rank a range of system sizes from best to worst.

Gain expert level insights into what a commercial solar system will achieve at your site from the “Energy & Storage Tool” – E.A.S.T.

“Energy & Storage Tool” – E.A.S.T.

  1. Using satellite imagery for advanced accuracy, we determine the maximum area available for your site(s).
  2. The sites interval data and energy charges are input into E.A.S.T to be used as a baseline for the analysis.
  3. Location specific solar radiation data is analysed to produce a generation curve taking into account of panel specifications.
  4. An energy storage analysis is then run to determine the economic feasibility of installing energy storage at the site.

Free Solar Analysis

To get started, please fill out the form below and upload a recent electricity bill as well as 12 months of 30-minute historical interval data. If you would like to run an analysis for multiple sites, please upload separate bills and interval data for each site.

To obtain your historical 30-minute interval data, please contact your energy distributor or retailer. Below are links to some of the energy distributors online portals where you can obtain your historical data.

In most instances, your data will be able to be easily downloaded from your energy distributor, once you’ve completed their online registration process.

List Of Distributors With Online Data Portals

Note: We can run the free solar analysis and go to market for sites anywhere in Australia.

Following the results of the solar assessment, you will have to option to request a selection of quotes from industry leading solar retailers or we can run a reverse auction to ensure you get the best value system.

Upload Data For Free Solar Analysis

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