Brenmiller Energy

Brenmiller Energy – The bGen™ storage system

Brenmiller Energy – The bGen™ storage system

Brenmiller Energy, based on its unique storage technology, provides sustainable energy solutions to the Distributed Generation market. The company was founded in 2012 by Mr. Avi Brenmiller, former CEO of Siemens CSP and Solel, and a team of experts in the field of renewable energy. Brenmiller Energy’s knowledge and expertise are well-grounded and are based on years of field experience in designing, building and operating solar power plants in Spain and in US, since the 1980’s, of over 500MW.

About The bGen™

The bGen™ is a patented thermal energy storage unit based on crushed rocks which combines three elements:

  • (1) Heat exchanger;
  • (2) thermal storage; and
  • (3) steam generator.

The bGen™ is a very cost-effective solution for 3+ hours of storage. The unit’s low cost, little maintenance, no augmentation for 30 years drives the levelized cost of energy (LCOE) to a record low price.

The bGen™ can receive heat from various sources, such as residual heat from power generators, solar heat from collector tubes, designed burners, bio-gas sources or other heat generators. Depending on application, the output varies between stable super-heated steam for electricity generation, saturated steam for industry, hot or cold water for C&I climate control

Heat is stored in modular sub-units, filled with crushed rocks which allows to conduct tens of thousands of charge/discharge cycles with no degradation in performance. The unit can produce super-heated steam or industrial steam through the same channel, using its inherent steam generator. When the unit is charged, a controlled temperature profile is maintained, transforming the feed water flow into a steady and stabilized super-heated steam. The system controls the pressure and temperature of the generated power, assuring a steady output flow, regardless of the unit charging level.



Grid storage

Renewable power with storage 

Flexible combined cycle

Connect to an existing power plant, or as a standalone storage site. 

The bGen™ is an excellent solution for load shifting and could even replace Peaker-plants as it can store energy, but also generate energy when connected to fuel supply (fossil or renewable). 

The bGen™ adds stability to renewable energy and transforming it to base-load energy. The bGen™ can store energy from PV, wind turbines, thermo-solar and biomass. With the bGen™ renewable energy plant can produce clean energy around the clock. 

The bGen™ adds flexibility to CCGT systems with three main functionalities: energy shifting, minimal load reduction, improving ramp-up & shut down duration.

Commercial & Industrial

Cogeneration with storage

Power to heat

Heat recovery

bGen™ thermal storage solution allows storing heat from CCGT process and deploying it on demand, thus allowing autonomous electricity and heat processes.  

District heating, industrial heat and most heating application are mostly fossil fuels based applications. The bGen™ storage allows a cleaner and cheaper process by connecting to a renewable power source or grid at off-peak tariffs, heating the storage and deploying it on demand.

The bGen™ is used to collect and recover heat from the furnace flue gas output, to generate electricity and steam. Heat is stored and later used, at time periods that maximize savings and optimize return on investment. 

Off grid & Microgrid

The bGen™ storage allows micro-grids to relay more on renewable energy as base-load energy. A solution with a renewable source, generator and storage collecting excess heat and energy and deploying it at energy on demand, provides available and reliable energy solution.

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