Our Main Consulting Services

Four of the Main Ways Acacia Works With Clients

Business Development

We assist world leading utility-scale clean-tech companies to identify opportunities within the Australian market, make connections and facilitate partnerships with the goal of creating disruptive change on the shift towards a sustainable energy system.

Introductions to potential clients and other key stakeholders like government agencies and engineering firms are often a key to success for start-ups and new entrants. We offer a full suite of business development support services including but not limited to:

  • Key introductions to business partners;
  • Organise trade mission;
  • Lead generation;
  • Market outreach;
  • Media releases;
  • Customer account monitoring;
  • Prospect and customer communications.

Market Research

Effective market research is required for new entrants into the Australian market to understand the landscape.

We provide detailed market research of the energy sector including:

  • Identification of the key problem and solution areas in the Australian context relevant to specific clean technology
  • Exploration of the opportunity for new clean technology to enter the Australian market and highlight the key strategies to market
  • Details of the Australian energy market including:
    • Policy Landscape;
    • Energy Regulation;
    • Energy Institutions,
    • Government Departments;
    • Grant & Funding Opportunities;
    • Energy Sector Generation;
    • Energy Prices;
    • Competitive Markets;
    • Barriers to Implementation;
    • Market Risks; and
    • Exit Strategies.

Modelling & Analysis

Effective data analysis and modelling is critical in helping clients make the most of information available to understand achievable revenue streams or other insights required for business decision making or to assist policy development.

Our solutions are tailored in consultation with each client for deep insights, analysis, and strategic foresight into the following areas:

  • Policy Analysis;
  • Technology Analysis;
  • Real-world technology applications;
  • Abatement Opportunities across the Australian Economy;
  • Large-scale Renewable Energy Certificates Analysis;
  • Energy Price Analysis;
  • Emissions Projections;
  • Direct Action Plan Modelling (Emissions Reduction Fund & Safeguard Mechanism; or
  • Bespoke Modelling, Analysis & Reports.

Business Case Development

Engage our expert level research and modelling team for deep insights, analysis, and strategic foresight into potential market opportunities, sustainable development, policy development areas, and management consultancy.

Understanding the business case of new clean technology is important for both clients and technology providers looking to enter new markets. We provide bespoke business case studies using our in-house Energy & Storage Tool” – E.A.S.T., to determine the economic feasibility of clean technology.

We work closely with the client or technology provider to understand the case to be analysed and run our model which feeds the output report. Outputs will vary depending on the clients request but may include but not limited to:

  • Key financial indicators: Payback period, return on investment, internal rate of return, etc;
  • Description of the technology;
  • Grant & Funding opportunities;
  • Sensitivity analysis;
  • Discussion of alternative revenue models.
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Acacia exhibited a strong understanding of Australia’s potential to leverage its abundant renewable energy resources for both domestic and export markets.”

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